BLittle Georgia and her parents were so sweet to work with! Her mommy, Gillian, and I are Chi Omega sisters from A&M and I love that I get to be a part of this chapter in her life by capturing her new, precious daughter. Whenever I walk into a home with a newborn, I always want to be prepared for & sensitive to mommy and daddy's recent lack of sleep, as well as to mommy's recovery status! Before having Ellis, these are two things that I did not completely understand or keep in mind throughout the newborn sessions. I wish it weren't so, but empathy is so much more developed after experiencing something for yourself! BUT, I am so glad that I now have a better understanding of what these mommys go through about two weeks before I arrive. How difficult it is to simply get up out of a chair, and an even more difficult step: get dressed and put makeup on... How to have the house in a presentable form for company to come over... How to know how to have the baby's feeding schedule perfectly managed for a sleepy picture time (this is probably the most stressful for a new mommy)... AND finally, getting through the plain "I don't want to's" that come with getting portraits done... I COMPLETELY!! Behind the scenes of Baby Georgia's newborn session, I was so impressed with Gillian and Lee's calm and friendly welcoming smiles at the door, with their sweet care for their precious little girl, and with the openness of how things really are going during this amazingly hard and wonderful time of being new parents. Scroll through to see this sweet family in Baby Georgia's boho chic nursery with a welcoming art piece that Gillian and Lee picked up on their honeymoon several years ago.